Eben Moglen about the EU report on Sun/Oracle

Reuters reports in “REFILE-Activist lawyer sees flaw in EU Oracle-Sun report” about an analysis of the EU report in regard of the Sun/Oracle deal made by Eben Moglen

Moglen said that the EU document contains factual errors in its analysis of the role MySQL's licensing terms plays in securing competition in the software industry.


"The issues raised (by the commission) concerning the GPLv2 status of the MySQL code base do not warrant a conclusion that this transaction threatens significant anti-competitive consequences," Moglen told EU regulators in a Nov. 19 letter.

Just for the readers unaware of Mr. Moglen - he founded the SLFC:

The Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) is an organization that provides pro bono legal representation and related services to not-for-profit developers of free software/open source software. It was launched in February 2005 with Eben Moglen as Chairman. Initial funding of $4 million USD was pledged by Open Source Development Labs.