Review of the Sun Fire X2270 and X4270

Infoworld’s Paul Venezia reviewed two of our Intel Nehalem based systems. Namely he checked our X2270 and the X4270. This review titled with “Last of the red hot Sun servers” is a really postive one:

Both models are impressive entries into the Nehalem-based server market. Sun's x64-based hardware has been superlative for the past few years, and these new servers are the latest in a line of solid server platforms.[..]. Note to Oracle: Sun's hardware development is doing very well -- no need to make any changes.

About the X4270:

There's nearly nothing to dislike about this 2U server. [..]. This is a 2U server that drives like a 4U server.

About the X2270:

There's lots of power in this 1U package, [...]. The expansion options are limited to a single low-profile PCIe 2.0 slot, and the inclusion of only two gigabit Ethernet interfaces is somewhat disappointing, but for raw cost/performance, it's a very good deal.