Recommended viewing: 9

Sometimes a mistake leads you to great things. Recently i tried to enter a 9 into a Interactive Voice Response hell on my softphone but instead entered it into Google and found out that there is actually a film called 9. After reading the excerpt i promptly purchased it and well …. this film is really great. It’s computer graphics and it’s one of the few that are really made for a more mature audience (i would surely don’t show it to kids below 12, it’s rated PG13 for a reason). It’s about rag dolls living in a post apocalyptic world. 9 of them. The apocalypse destroyed all life on earth. The rag dolls contain parts of the soul of the scientist which is more or less responsible for the apocalypse. The parts of the soul were transferred into the rag dolls by some kind of alchemy. The film shows the fight of this rag dolls for survival on one side and for live on earth on the other side. Visually it’s great. From the story side it’s not the softened kind you get from Pixar. Death is an important part of the story. I can really recommend this movie. PS: The feature film length 9 (produced by Tim Burton) is based on a short with the same name. You can watch the short here. The longer version adds more characters and the ability to speak.