Fourth meeting of the HHOSUG

The fourth meeting of the HHOSUG is over. I just recognised that it´s extremely difficult to do a live demo of a tool when you have a group of highly proficient admins in front of you asking many really good questions. You can do the demo or you can answer the questions, but not both. Especially when the demo is made about a complex tool. I´ve demonstrated the Remote Mirror capability of the Availability Suite today. The discussion and the questions were really intensive. I have some homework to do to get some answers for some questions of the auditorium. Additionally I was a little bit nervous and unconcentrated. Don´t know why. Anyway: I´m really thinking that it was a good meeting. And with 10 to 15 people it was even well-visited for a meeting at such a good weather right in front of the summer vacation time. PS: A additional very positive point of this meeting was the discussion about the next meetings. We have several talks and lightning talks for the next two meetings.