The Register about Gartners server market numbers

Ashlee Vance comments the Gartner Server market numbers for 2006 at the Register in Sun’s servers resurgent in 2006 - Gartner:

Fresh data from Gartner reveals that Sun's server revenue shot up 15 per cent ($5.7bn) during 2006. The company was the only major vendor to enjoy significant sales gains.


Sun, however, seemed able to ship higher-margin, big iron in this environment. For example, its Unix server shipments actually fell 3 per cent during 2006, while revenue rose 12 per cent. No other major vendor posted an increase in Unix server revenue. IBM fell flat. HP, punished by the Itanium transition, saw sales dip 9 per cent, Fujitsu sales dropped 11 per cent and Groupe Bull sales dropped 20 per cent. Life remains tough for Itanic backers.

Ashlee comments additionally about OPL:

Unlucky for Sun, it has to explain this whole APL/Fujitsu line to consumers in 2007, while dangling Rock-based boxes in 2008.

This isn´t really difficult. Don´t think about OPL and Rock as competing lines. They are complementary products with slightly different targeted workloads. Whereas Rock is for heavily to average threaded jobs, OPL is for single/sparsely threaded tasks. And both have the umbrella of beeing SPARCv9 and Solaris. Application compatibility guaranteed. So you can buy APL and you can sure that your application will run on Rock.