Virtualisation at Sun

The ITjungle has a longer article about virtualisation at Sun with “Sun Ponders the Future of Virtualized Solaris”. There are several interesting quotes in this articles:

So when Sun rolls out support for the Xen hypervisor in the first half of 2007, expect the company to make a big deal about the DTrace system telemetry, its related predictive self-healing, and user rights management features, and various security features that are all part of Solaris 10 today.

Matches to my idea described in A use case for virtualisation to use Solaris as an wrapper to protect long running simulations against hardware failures.

For example, customers will be able to, for example, run a DTrace on Windows applications running on a Galaxy box inside Xen virtual machines, and thereby be able to better tune them and perhaps boost their performance or reduce the amount of resources they consume.

This is indeed absolutly f*cking cool.