CeBIT 2009: 5th day - The Evening

I´m sitting in the train to Hamburg … there is only a single day in front of me. As i wrote three years ago … the CeBIT is a monster that eats you, chews you a while and spits you in the next corner with a bunch of stinking clothes. Nevertheless: This day was cool .. we distributed OpenSolaris CD almost faster than we could get them to our presentation booth. At one occassion Detlef tried to get more DVD. He distributed all CD of a large bunch he got on the 3 metres from the reception counter to the pod. Okay … even when we assume that 90% of this people were giveaway opposums then we generated a vast amount of possible new installations of OpenSolaris today. I made my “Monday to Friday” snapshot demo again and again today. BTW: I will use a Special-Extended-Edition of it tomorrow. This time with snapshoting and cloning a volume filled with UFS. I just tested the trick to be sure, that the first demonstration will work tomorrow. We get them all with ZFS. There is a topic that will find it´s way into a tutorial in the next : Why aren´t there different Solaris versions for 32-bit and 64-bit? This was an everoccuring question throughout the last days. But even when it´s cool to evangelize Solaris on this large scale and even under the consideration, that i like the CeBIT: My energy buffers are almost empty now. I´m really glad that there is just one day ahead of me. Well … as usual … see you tomorrow at CeBIT, just in the case i´m not greeting or talking to you, it´s not because i´m unfriendly, it´s just because of a total loss of voice. Additionally i will be alone there. Detlef took his day off tomorrow to see his family again. I decided to take this day later … BTW: It wasn´t Johnny Cash today … it was Daft Punks “Harder Better Faster Stronger” in the Extended Live Edit that i´ve played on my iPod in heavy rotation.