CeBIT 2009: 1st day - The morning

Okay, first day of the CeBIT. I´m really a little bit tired. I almost finalized the virtual OS image for my GUUG tutorial next week last night. I´ve tried to anticpate of longer running jobs to save some time in the tutorial. Well … i really like the CeBIT … i was really a little bit sad about the fact, that i couldn´t help last year. So … when i complain about the CeBIT just ignore it. I wasn´t forced to go to CeBIT, i asked if i can help at CeBIT. So it´s my fault. I just didn´t realized that i have a meeting in Mannheim on 9.3, GUUG at 10.3. and 11.3 in Karlruhe and a meeting in Berlin on 12.3. To falling in pieces is allowed on 13.3 ;) But I´m diverting from the topic: I´m really looking forward to help at CeBIT. Well …. when you look at the number exhibitors at the CeBIT you could joke: Visit the CeBIT as long as the CeBIT still exists. 25 percent less exhibitors. That´s a large heap. I´ve already wondered about the vast empty spaces at CeBIT 2007 and this year, it looks to be even more extreme. Perhaps the time for such large exhibitions is over. You can get really in close contact with your customers via blogs. The flow of informations isn´t limited to such big events.