2nd birthday of Systemhelden

I have a somewhat strange relation to birthdays. It´s not that i forget all birthdays. I forget the birthday of friends and remember the birthday of people who started to hate/ignore me. This year i was even able to congratulate a person important to me at midnight. Sound good ? Well, it would be a nice gesture if it wasn´t a day too early. And you don´t ask “Sure?” in such situations as the congratulated person knows it better in any case. And the birthday of my good friend Kaija hammered itself in my memory by the answer “Today!” on my question “I know you have birthday in the next few days, but i can´t remember the exact date …” Okay, i have forgotten another birthday: The sysadmins community systemhelden.com celebrated it´s second birthday on June, 12th (to my excuse: it was the Toulouse/Biarritz/SanSebastian/Andorra/Barcelona weekend … by the way … a second monster trip is already in it´s early plannings, so far Narbonne and Carcasonne are included in the trip). So a very loud “Happy birthday” to the fathers of this successful project.