And Darmok and jalad at Tanagra. As i integrated them into Homekit via Homebridge, i had the problem with the Delock sockets with their custom firmware that i couldn’t switch them off, just on. However the following configuration did the trick. In this case it’s for my off wheel trainer in my cellar (it was in my apartment in the roof until a few days ago, thus dg, i think this names will survive all moves )

            "type": "outlet",
            "name": "Trainer",
            "topics": {
                "getOn": "tasmota/haus/dg/wz/trainer/socket1/stat/POWER",
                "setOn": "tasmota/haus/dg/wz/trainer/socket1/cmnd/POWER1"
            "onValue": "ON",
            "offValue": "OFF",
            "accessory": "mqttthing"

The explicit definition of offValue did the trick.

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Joerg Moellenkamp

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