Some of this improvements are not really new. They were in Solaris for years, however they were not really documented and while many people knew about them they weren’t official options of the commands. This has changed.

  • You can now control the amount of debuging with ldaplist, ldapaddent(8) and ldapclient(8) by using one or multiple -v. It gets more verbose with the number of v
  • The -d option to ldap-cachemgr is not longer an open secret (it was in the usage message of the binary) but it’s now officially documented in the man page. With this you can set the debuging level while the process is running without restarting it.
  • You can configure the debugging facility of nscd while this process is running without restarting. The ability to do this without restarting the daemin is quite useful, as sometimes problems and hints pointing to the problems just disappears when you are restarting things.
# nscd -C all -L /var/adm/nscd_diag -D all
  • The service svc:/network/ldap/client now has the config/debug_level which ist used by ldapclient like if you would set it with -a
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