Crash of AF447

An A330 of Air France crashed into the ocean. They already found the debris of the aeroplane. I find this crash really strange: The ACARS (think about it like SNMP traps of an aircraft send via radio) of the system did it´s swan song and send out several messages including electrical problems and an loss of pressure in the hull. Some media outlets citing “experts” mentioning thunderstorms as a possible cause, but i´ve heard from friends and aviation forums that there were A330 hit by dozens of lightning strikes and were still flightworthy to proceed their way. Nevertheless it looks like an possibility. There is an interesting document vailable at . Furthermore there wasn´t any voice radio transmissions from the aircraft …. as the airways between Europe and South America are really frequented at that time of the day, you would expect that there would be at least some local-area emergency calls in the case the wide-range radios were out of order. It looks like the water is 3000 meters deep at the crash site thus the insights into the possible crash cause may be buried in orange blackboxes beneath a large heap of water. At the moment there is just speculation. Just a large heap of speculations ….