A380 vs. Boeing 787 delay

After the last delay in the 787 program many news outlets write, that the delays in the 787 program reached the delays in the A380 program. There is only one important fact, they forget to report. The A380 was late just three months at first flight. The problems leading to the two years delay hit them afterwards. The 787 has already accumulated 2 years of delay before this aircrafts first flight. To be exact: At the moment nobody knows, if this airframe will fly … there are just computer models and experience suggesting that this heap of plastic will take of at the end of the runway. They made a break-test of the wing box … not the complete wing. So … it´s 3 month delay in the A380 program compared to 2 years in the 787 program. But Boeing has a good chance not to gather that much delay after first flight for the first delivery as the 787 is a much smaller plane. On the other side there are the first rumours and discussions, that Boeing isn´t able to build enough planes fast enough for their ultra-aggressive schedule for flight-testing. But that´s a different story.