Interesting development at the USAF tanker proposal

According to a report at Aviationweek Boeing thinks about to leave the tanker rebidding process. The new proposal gives more credits to a bigger tanker and thus a 767 based tanker wouldn´t be competitive to a A330 based tanker … and as i wrote before. A 777 based tanker is no alternative for Boeing besides of the short timeframe for this proposal.

Now, however, the Pentagon is pushing for the replacement tankers as soon as possible after multiple delays. It remains unclear if a no-bid position from Boeing would drag out the KC-X competition or it if would compel the Pentagon to attempt a sole-source of the work to Northrop Grumman/EADS.

This is an interesting development. Stopping the former decision with the help of the GOA just do leave the proposal process afterwards will not help to make friends for future proposals ….