In case you wonder about my recent uptake in blog entries and in entries about recent purchases, this is at foremost currently getting back into the writing habit, testing the process to publish entries. Consider this as some kind of “just a test” blog entries. There are some much more technical blog entries in the making, but the testing (and some repairs) doesn’t have completed so far, thus this test entries.

This one is about something I bought a year or so ago, when I had a doctors appointment close to a shop I know that sold this stuff. I was influenced to this purchase by a very trusted person. And it’s really worth a recommendation.

I’m using the wallet of my phone and my watch to pay, I have some cash with me but I probably don’t know my PIN any longer for the ATM , because i need it very rarely. I get the little amount of cash by getting reimbursed by my parents or siblings for purchases I made for them. That said, I don’t have any real use for a classic wallet any longer.

Quite a time ago I saw those notebooks you could create on your own by putting some booklets between leather using a strap to hold it there. It’s called the Midori Traveler’s Notebook There are a multitude of booklets available for this kind of DYI notebook. For example a calendar, blank pages and so on. As I have my large notebook for noting down 1 things with a fountain pen, I didn’t had much use for that, no matter how much I liked that idea and no matter how much I liked the Travelers Notebook itself.

However I had a use for something to have my vaccination booklet, my passport, my drivers license, some business cards and stuff like that. And so I had an excuse to purchase a smaller variant of this Travelers Notebook. I just added an insert to it: A plastic insert with some pockets where I put the smaller stuff which is not in a booklet form factor. It contains even a small notebook for short notes (or longer, in case I have forgotten to take my large notebook with me)


Really solved the problem that I’m often putting things away to be sure that they don’t get lost and then forgetting where I put them. That was helpful when I got my flu and XBB.1.5 update vaccination recently. I hadn’t to search for the yellow booklet.

I have this for I carry around this notebook with me much more often than my wallet. I can recommend something like that (You find it when you search for “midori traveler’s notebook”)

  1. I’m much faster at taking notes with a fountain pen than with a keyboard and doodling around on a tablet doesn’t feel right when waiting for the next call center agent, which puts you in the queue for another call center agent with slightly more privileges in their system to help you …. 

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