Trip to California - 12th and 13th day

A long trip has come to an end. Almost 3000 miles are behind me. 14 days …. effectively almost 13 of them in the US. It was a great vacation. And I will do such a trip like this definitely again. The Hotel in Las Vegas was really nice but there was something different that stunned me: I saw a colibri in the wild the first time in my life. That was really impressing. But wait … i didn´t wrote a thing about the two days. The 12th day (yesterday) was the day of the travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco. As we didn´t knew how long the CA-1 took and we had just 12 hours to our flight we decided took the risk out of the journey. So we didn´t drove the full monty of the CA-1, we took the US-101 instead for a large part. It´s a great route to drive nevertheless. But you can´t drive from LA to SFO without driving at least a part of the CA-1 … so we diverted from the 101 at the CA-25. It´s a great route … but depending of your stomach, you shouldn´t or should eat something before. This route is almost as curvy as the streets in the Muir National Park. I assume your should have bags ready for passengers with a tendency to motion sickness.

Highway 23

The further ride was great. Point Mugu. Santa Barbara. and then up the 101 to the airport in San Francisco. We left the Pacific Ocean at Gaviota for a short reunion at Pismo Beach. At the end this last part of the trip was 425 miles long. By the way: Santa Babara is definitly on my shortlist for a next vacation in California. Nice city, nice beach … the weather was a dream at that day. Too bad, that we just stopped for a late breakfast there …

Santa Barbara

At shortly after 9 pm our aircraft departed almost on time. It was a really smooth and nice flight with the exceptions of some turbulences over Greenland. We arrived shortly after 5pm and and some time later i had boarded the flight from Munich to Hamburg. Since 21:15 pm i´m at home and a really great vacation has found it´s end. This is the last of the daily reports from my trip. But this isn´t the last article about the trip … i´ve made plenty experiences to write about them … ;)