Trip to California - 10th day

So … this was the last real sightseeing day of this trip. The next two days will be filled with driving to Los Angeles and San Francisco. I´m planing the trip at the moment.

Valley of Fire

What have we done on the this day: I was in the Valley of Fire again. But this time we left the the park at the other side in direction of the Lake Mead. When we entered the park it started to rain. Nevertheless it is still a great landscape. When you are in Las Vegas you should really visit the Valley of Fire. And a tip: At Rainbow Vista location in the park is a big rock where you can do a step walk onto it … the view from there is fabulous.

Rainbow Vista

After that we drove to the Hoover Dam, but we skipped it later because of the traffic jam on the route to it and opted of Las Vegas. Apropos Las Vegas … one of the approaches to LAS goes directly over a shopping center. You can almost count the rivets in the belly of aircraft. I think they wouldn´t approve such a shopping center in Germany.

Aircraft landing in McCarran

By the way: I´m here the third time … but that´s just because of the job (2 times CEC) and it´s central location for sightseeing (this vacation). I don´t like the city or to be exact the Strip. I don´t like this people clapping with the cards for escorts. In front of the Flamingo Casino 10 to 15 of them were lined. I don´t like this “Oh, we are so naughty” attitude of Las Vegas … sorry for my harsh tone … hey, but you can see more tits when you go to a standard european bathing beach (not even the nude bathing beaches).I don´t like this cheap triggering of hormone reactions like the waitresses in some party locations standing higher than their guests to ensure that the guests can get a view to the cleavage. I assume it doesn´t go cheaper. But i assume for most people this is enough. But at the end: Las Vegas is in the middle of some of the greatest landscapes of this planet and so I have to live with Las Vegas. So … we will leave Las Vegas tomorrow … and in 48 hours i will board the aircraft that brings be back to Germany.