Trip to California - 8th day

Okay … California isn´t really correct. Wait … the Death Valley is in California … but Las Vegas is fine for Hotels … and Las Vegas … well it´s in Nevada. At the moment i´m on the passengers seat of a car driving on the Interstate 15 between Barstow and Las Vegas and write the beginning of this blog entry … from the desert … when you say it this way. We just took the 99 South to Bakersfield and drove from there on the 58 East to Barstow.

Energy by Wind along the Highway 58

Typing is a little bit slow … i´m looking out of the window most of the time. The landscape is outright spectacular. Since we started this days trip in Oakhurst we saw several different landscapes … from deep green to desert beige. When there is a CEC2009 in Vegas again i think won´t fly to Vegas … i will fly to an airport directly connected from Germany (like Denver, SFO or LAX) and take a rental car ;)


There is something i really like and dislike about the US so far: There are really great radio stations … especially when you like classic rock (i heard a really excellent version of “Careless whisper” so far). You don´t hear such music in the fully formated german radio stations … especially those in Hamburg. Then there are the spanish radio stations … i have ignored them … but it´s just me or is this music similar to bavarian folk music? The think i really dislike are the christian radio station … with a moderators saysing “… you see how incredible god really is …”. I´m sure such guys slaps their kids at home and sleep their wife in ways unsupported by the bible after their job ;) And then there are is songs remembering me to this song in a Simpsons episode “Aaaaaand when you not not buy the CD … Al-Qaida wiiiins”. But i assume i´m not the intended audience.

41 Miles to Vegas

Well, just 41 miles to Vegas now.