Trip to California - 7th day

Planing is substituting chance by error. It´s the same with vacations. And our error was: Trying to get to the Yosemite National Park by the South Entry. We underestimated the likelyhood that it snows in April in this region.

Snowfall on the Highway 41

So we hiked at Bass Lake a little bit and drove through the region. At last we drove into the park by using the the route to Mariposa along the Merced River … what a great landscape. What a mess that this great scenery is connected with such an underdelivering CPU ;)

Along the Merced River

The Yosemite National Park (This is on my plans for the next year) surely deserves an own vacation so we shortened a little bit by one day and booked for an additional day in Vegas. Leaves more time for the region around Vegas … like the Hoover Dam or Death Valley.