Trip to California - 6th day

So … we left San Francisco behind and drove to Oakhurst. When we left San Francisco it started to rain for a long time of our travel.

It rains in Northern California

At least the part between Madera and Oakhurst was dry. So was nice to drive through the landscape. It really looks promising for the next few days for hiking.

Towards Oakhurst on the CA-41

Oakhurst is a small town near the Yosemite national park. The hotel … well it´s a step back from the Sheraton Fishermens Wharf … but we just want to sleep here and it seems to be a good starting point. There is only one annoying thing about this hotel: It´s very clean … why thats a problem … when we entered the room it smelled like it has been soaked with a chlorine cleaning agent. After venting the room for a while the smell is at an halfway acceptable level.As i wrote before … i don´t plan to sit around in the hotel room so it will suffice anyway.


PS: At the moment it looks like we brought the rain from SF to Oakhurst … it started to rain an hour ago.