Back home

I´m back from my trip to Toulouse. I had great weather there. On Friday we were in the center of Toulouse. Saturday was filled with a trip to Carcassone (the upper city is really great), Narbonne (just a short drive-by) , Agde (with a great inner city with small streets) and finished the day at Cap d´Adge at the beach. On Sunday i tried a totally new concept: Driving to the atlantic coast and taking a sunbath at the beach of Ondres-Plages…. or the Moellenkamp-Variation of it … as i´m a creature of the night a sun blocker with LPF 50+ and a sunshade is essential. To summarize it: It was a really nice weekend. A big thank you to the people who tolerated me in their house for a weekend … again :)