Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array

Sun talked about a flash array at the ISC in Hamburg. Now it got obvious, that something is imminent in regard of this system, as soon as patch 141484-01 was released a few days ago. Yesterday the news broke about some documents at about an interesting upcoming device. Now Storagemojo wrote about it

Kudos to the Sun engineers who have been driving flash forward faster than almost anyone else in the industry.

as well as Octave Orgeron in his blog who stated

This will be Sun's first step into selling products that could very well change the storage landscape.

Perhaps those was fueled by this teaser blog entry yesterday, but there was an other article about it at Looks i’m not the only one traversing at a regular schedule. ;) This device is really something really interesting, but i won’t write more about it until it’s officially announced. Oh … just one teaser question: What’s the really slow and performance-annihilating part at swapping virtual memory from/to disk?