Are you a bluepill or a redpill?

Disclaimer: As some readers didn’t get it … this article is a joke. <joke>One of my readers pointed his finger to a really nice analogy: Are you a redpill or a bluepill. For the uninitiated: That is a scene from Matrix. Neo can choice take the blue pills to stay in the matrix, believing what he wants, or he can take the red pill to be free and to see the truth. Given that the Oracle logo is red and the IBM logo is blue, this gives a nice analogy. You can take the blue pill. It’s the way of the matrix, it’s protected by agents from IBM Global Services, hiding you from the complexity of the reality, but sucking all your energy in the form of you IT budget from you. An agent can overwrite any of your coworkers. It downloads on the chair next to you, your colleagues are gone. They call this “Outsourcing” On the other side: You can take the red pill. It’s the reality, sometimes problematic, sometimes pleasant. But you are free. You have your own will, you are not just in this world to feed the owners of matrix. And we show you how deeps the rabbit hole goes. You have to decide: Do you take the blue pill or the red pill. Remember, all I’m offering is the truth. Nothing more.</joke> ;)