Massive - literally

I´ve got this link from a colleague this morning: Sun Microsystems to lay off 1300 Indians, other software companies panning massive job reduction – no new hiring in 2009-10. And massive has to be understood as “really fscking massive”:

International software and hardware companies operating in India will lay off more than 1,500,000 jobs in 2009.

By the way: The line headline above isn´t correct … 1300 is the global number of employees that were laid off. I was so shell-shocked about this 1,500,000 number, that i´m directly posted a short artcle about it without crosschecking. I was already researching for it while getting the anonymous comment , as this number for Sun looked much to high for Sun and i already knew the global number and this was the same number. Sorry for that. Obviously this throws an different light to the 1,500,000 number … i hope it´s as wrong as the numbers for Sun India as 1,500,000 million looks more like a global number, everything else would be just a disaster.