Cisco selling blades?

Cisco seems to look for new markets - Cisco planning significant data center assault:

Perhaps the most important example of that will be a new Cisco blade server system expected next year. This will take the company into the data center compute space, right up against longtime stalwarts — and up to now, Cisco partners — IBM and HP.

This matches to rumours and hints i´ve got in in the last few weeks. But i don´t believe that Cisco will play a large role in this business. There are already several players in this game … IBM,HP,Dell,FSC and Sun. And more important: People think of Cisco as the supplier of their networking equipment … not of their servers … and Cisco hasn´t a long track record as a supplier of servers. Cisco needs a real differentiator … i´m curious what this differentiator might be … but at the moment i´m not convinced about the success. And there is another problem: Network admin departments, storage admin departments and server admin departments have seperated supplier spheres in many companies. And Cisco is a supplier for the network admin departments and they rarely connection to the server departments. And: Did you know Sun sold an hardware load balancer for a while? No? Cisco will have a similar problem …