Server Market in Europe as seen by IDC

TPM cites in “RISC and Itanium Server Makers Do Well in Europe, Says IDC” a research of IDC about the server market in Europe:

Growth for high-end servers was strong, with banks, telcos, and manufacturers picking up lots of iron and with Power6 and Sparc machines doing particularly well, according to IDC
Sun Microsystems came in third in EMEA, helped hugely by sales of the Sparc Enterprise M line of rebadged Fujitsu iron, with $577 million in sales, up 1.9 percent.

But there is another interesting number in the article:

Windows servers had a 10.3 percent growth in the quarter in EMEA, but Linux server sales actually fell by 1.8 percent, the first time since early 2002 when Linux showed a decline.

This is an interesting development as the complete Unix server market grew at 8 percent.