Linux annoyance

There are several things i hate about Linux. But i hate something at most: It´s the inherent arrogance of some decisions. A good example is this mail:

The fact that there are no in-tree modules that use init_mm is rather compelling evidence that it's not a necessary part of the kernel module API.

The world isn´t just the kernel. And even when it´s something directed against closed-sources drivers, it hits GPL´ed projects like Virtualbox as a collateral damage as well. Luckily some wiser people delayed the removal of init_mm to give other open source projects the chance to change their code to the new situation. The Linux community should decide, if they want to be an operating system or a political statement. Other operating systems are capable of keeping their once published interfaces more stable, thus giving other developers the time to focus on the development of new features instead of coding for political statements. But this isn´t the most annoying point: It´s this “nothing in the kernel uses it, so it´s unimportant”-position that irks me. A really narrowminded view of the world.