Some news about Itanic

At first: Itanium2 will be renamed … to Itanium. Must be a quarter without other important news ;). But there are more interesting news at TPM´s IT Jungle. He writes in Q&A with HP’s Brian Cox: Tukwila Itaniums and Hockey Pucks:

BC: [..] And at that point, we will be looking to start updating our Integrity server line. Some of our platforms, like Superdome, have been around since 2000. And in order to start embracing the new technology, you are going to see new platforms coming up. As we get closer to launch, I can give you more details. But that is all I can say so far.
TPM: To just be a little more precise, Tukwila chips will not and cannot plug into Arches-based Integrity machines.
BC: We plan to do a new chipset at that point, and HP is not ready to talk about code names quite yet.

It looks like a forklift upgrade for the for users of actual Itanium gear. This poses a problem: Who will buy Itanium gear now, when you have to buy a new chassis end of the year?