Interview with Torvalds about the future of Linux

Informationweek did an email interview with Linus Torvalds about the future of Linux: Torvalds On Where Linux Is Headed In 2008. This interview leaved me somewhat dissatisfied … i would like some information where the development of Linux will lead the operating environment in the next 12 or 24 month. Asked in this direction, the answer was somewhat limited to hardware support:

So a lot of the effort ends up being hardware-related. Both in terms of peripheral drivers and simply in platform changes. The bulk of the kernel really is about hardware support, and that alone keeps us busy. The situation in graphics and wireless networking devices -- both of which have been somewhat weak spots -- is changing, and I suspect that will be a large part of what continues to happen during 2008 too.

I hoped to see something like a ZFS competitor, albeit his thoughts about SSD could hint to something similar like read- and writezilla. More or less, the essence of this interview is: More of the same.