Yet another filesystem

Yet another filesystem that resembles ideas from ZFS, this time it´s called “Hammer”. But this isn´t the kicker about this filesystem. It´s one of the comments of the developer Mattew Dillon at a Dragonfly mailinglist:

The problem ZFS has is that it is TOO redundant. You just don't need that scale of redundancy if you intend to operate in a multi-master replicated environment because you not only have wholely independant (logical) copies of the filesystem, they can also all be live and online at the same time.

This argument is like the argument of the Boeing speaker saying the A380 is too quiet. There is no “too much redundancy” in storing data. And even the argument of “multiple live copies” doesn´t hold: How do you detect the corruption of a copy ? And how do you detect partial corruption of a file when the other half is corrupted as well but in another part? ZFS solves many problems of storing files, it´s opensource (albeit the GPL is incompatible to our CDDL but compatible with the other important licences) and it would be much easier to use the ZFS codebase. And finally: When you don´t want the data protection, you can unconfigure most of the protection mechanisms (like checksums,ZIL and so on)