AIX6 open beta

AIX has it´s own beta programm. It´s open. But no OpenAIX so far. But there is no real kicker in the new version so far: Workload Partitions ? Looks like Solaris Zones. RBAC is in Solaris since Solaris 8. RBAC in LDAP? For years now. Caching of name server requests. This is pretty much state of the art in all operating systems since …. since the last century. Probevue … there is not much information about it. So i can´t really say anything about it. Looks like idea similar to dtrace. The more interesting point is: I strongly believe, that IBM is in fear of Solaris. For a long time AIX was something like an unwanted child. Linux was the way to go. Commercial Unix systems lost their appeal in comparision to Linux. But then Sun revived Solaris with Version 10. And now there is a technological advanced enterprise class Unix. It left IBM without a competitive operating system for their high-end-server franchise. AIX 6 looks like a reaction to this. But in most fields Sun has years of advantages. When AIX6 comes to market, even the newest anticipated features in Solaris are in their third and fourth iteration.