One thing i hate at Linux

There is one thing, that i hate at Linux: It´s ability to transform brilliant and intelligent people to totally narrowminded people when there is something that goes not the way of Linux. A nice example is this discussion in the linux kernel mailing list: Linux: ZFS, Licenses and Patents. Whenever someone does something, that prevents the Linux community from integrating something, it´s because of “they fear linux”. Utter bullshit. The world seems to be a simple one from the view of a linux developer. Sun is not against the GPL. At the end we released Java (one of our core assets) with GPL. GPLing a language is a good thing, to ensure that any change to the language will go into the source base again. In the world of operating environments, it´s a different story: The Linux community has to learn that the world is bigger than Linux, and that you don´t choose your open source licence to be at best use of the GPL-driven community of Linux. There are so many reasons not to use GPL like allowing developers not to give back changes to the source and none of them has to do with “feared of linux”. BSD has an running ZFS port, MacOS X will use ZFS. You can use ist, when you want. It´s perfectly possible for other open source projects with other licenses. Same for dtrace. There is a running port in MacOS X, too. But at least the later one wouldn´t possible when all your changes has to redistributed. As i´m stated before in some posts: The GPL centric view of Linux and the community (Kris, i fully understand the reasoning of GPL and Linux, we´ve discussed that already) will be the biggest risk for the long term prospects of Linux from an economic point of view. I strongly believe, that we need an interface license between GPL and other licences, that allows all these open source projects to work together without prefering the mindset of a single party in this field. PS: At the end … why should we donate ZFS to IBM ;)