Dear IBM, please get back the control over your annoying ads

It´s a real plague at the moment. Whenever you look at a IT news site, you find one of this IBM video ads. I hope, i´m not the only one, who finds this ads from IBM extremly annoying. Not funny, not informative, not even well made.
Well, not funny … this isn´t completly correct. I´ve laughed my a… off, when i find the disclaimer below an ad for SAN Volume Controller. Basically they state: “For an storage solution, the purchase of multiple or additional products may be nescessary. This can create additional costs”. Oh yeah …. for all this Global services guys they sell to you, while they try to use your old storage with it. After their failure do do this, they sell IBM storage to you. Not much later, after the third big escalation, they tell you have to buy xSeries, pSeries or iSeries. And when you still have money they try to sell you a mainframe. And when you´ve routed them from your yard, they go to your CxO and take your complete datacenter with outsourcing. Okay,okay … i´know …. slightly overstated ;) I have no knowledge about the Storage Controller, but this came into my mind while reading it ;)