Paul Murphy about 2006

I really like Paul Murphys weblog, thus i cite him quite often. I think, it has to do with his quite realistic view to many topic of view. I consider his blog as an mustread-blog. He wrote a good article about the stuff that happenend in 2006. But the best paragraph in this entry is not about technology companies, it´s about the technology press:

Probably the most important thing about the industry this year, however, was the extent to which the mainstream technology press got things wrong. If it were possible to measure the messages the technology press delivered in some kind of "weighted by volume and authority" format, I imagine that the companies offering the biggest breakthroughs - Freescale, Texas Instruments, IBM, Sun - would score lowest while the companies that got forced to shuffle their executive suite, cannibalise their own advantages, and re-introduce previously discarded engineering strategies would score highest.