Cringely about IBM

Very interesting article at I, Cringley:

If Apple is just a pimped-out Microsoft, then what is IBM? IBM is a disaster-in-the-making. Big Blue as a total enterprise is running primarily on customer inertia and clever advertising, which definitely isn't enough.
Of course they have their Power5 and Cell processors, AIX and DB2, but IBM's customers are now all in big business, which doesn't touch my readers or the PC market very much. And IBM is in trouble. I have lots of friends at IBM and none of them are happy. The company is not going anywhere, but it is also going nowhere, if you know what I mean.

This is a observation i can agree. From my viewpoint (your milage may vary) IBM is a consulting company with an huge technology department. I don´t know if they are in trouble, but i don´t belive that IBM will be a tech company in the not so far future. Or in other words. I wouldn´t wonder, if the rename the company into IBC (and in the meantime ICBM (International Consulting and Business Machines), heck, the name is already in use).