Sometimes i have the notion, that so called “analysts” have absolutly not the least inkling about the stuff they talk about. My personal favorite is this estimation. Okay, from a financial standpoint they may be right and in the analyts mindsphere this would make sense. But there is something absolutly cruel out there: the reality.
Most analysts thinks, that you can sell IT like potatoes or computer from dell. But this is bullshit. You sell IT by confidence (The only reason Dell can get away without generating confidence is the fact that everybody knows the strength and limitations of x86). You don´t confide your IT to whitepapers, callcenters in India or Prague and last and really least to analysts. You confide your IT to the project manager and the technical architect in front of you, who tells to you “Well, difficult, but we will help you”. When we go into an account, our primary target is not to tell “what a cool server”, it´s has to be “really smart people”. When will analysts learn that IT is a people business, not a technical business. And for people business you need people to do business. So when you fire people you hurt the future business. Your bottomline may be right for a quarter or so, but the revenge will follow really soon. So, dear analysts, think again, go to your IT staff (not to the department heads, go to the adminstrator in the night shift that keeps up your stock trading system) and ask for the factors that are really important. You will get a different image of IT.