Damage Control?

I´ve postet an article a few days ago with some famous quotes regarding some of the great false estimations and an interview of an EVP of IBM. Not much later, i found a comment in my weblog, that made a case for this EVP and put the comments in a different light.
I have no hard evidence for it, but i think this is a classical case of corporate damage control):

  1. Someone (Eglis Milbergs) searched directly after articles via google-blogsearch and posted an comment right after it.
  2. The same text was posted in the same form in multiple weblogs. For example here
  1. Eglis Milbergs works or worked for IBM:

found via:

  1. Look at Google
    Again: I have no hard evidence for corporate damage control, but this smells a little bit fishy. And nothing against “Hey, you got some point wrong. Here are my arguments.” But pretending independency can ruin your arguments.