vNICs on vNets in Oracle VM for SPARC.

A while ago i wrote in “How to get Solaris 11 VNICs in a Virtualbox VM to work - kind of …” about a trick to get vNICs to work in Virtualbox. For Oracle VM for SPARC there is now an offical way get a vNIC working on a vNet, something that wasn’t possible before. So no need for tricks. My colleague Jeff Savit writes in his blog:

This restriction is eliminated in the latest version of Oracle VM Manager for SPARC, In order to make use of this feature, you must run Solaris 11.1 in both the control domain and guest. The control domain must be running SRU4 or later, since the ldomsmanager package is delivered with that SRU.

However he does not only shared the good news, but also describes how to configure it in his article “vNICs on vNets now available”