Skynet 9 - Humans 0

A fully automatic Triple-A goes berzerk and kills 9 soldier in south africa.

A robot cannon began wildly and autonomously firing its huge gun in South Africa last Friday, killing 9 soldiers and wounding 14. The Oerlikon GDF-005 antiaircraft gun suddenly began uncontrollably shooting as it swung back and forth, spraying hundreds of high-explosive 35mm cannon shells all over the place

This is a good example why software should never ever control the actual firing of bullets. In wartimes it may be a good tradeoff to design a trigger-happy robot for antimortar/antishell artillery, as it´s propable that more people are killed by mortar rounds then by a berzerk robot. But at peace time without incoming rounds? At least it wasn´t a wise choise to put live ammunition into this robot.