787 further delayed?

Sometimes it looks like Boeing is the IBM of the aircraft industry: Bold statements galore, but nothing behind it ;). Interesting article at the Seattle Times : Boeing may acknowledge further 787 delays next week. I remember dozens of articles in the media who try to tell the world, that Boeing is so much better at constructing the 787 then Airbus at building the A380. But: The airframe of the 787 at rollout wasn´t able to fly, even when all other systems were in place and functional, because of temporary fasteners.

Boeing partly dismantled the first 787 immediately after its rollout to allow mechanics to install systems — including electrical wiring, hydraulic tubes and the flight-deck instrumentation — and also to replace temporary fasteners.

And according to other reports, switching on the power in the plane is still weeks away. I simply do not believe that they deliver their first 787 in May 2008. I would bet on May 2009. At the end, it´s like with the Power6 4.7 Ghz ;)