Gregs computing complexes

I really like the presentations and talks of Greg Papadoplos, but his blog entry about “the five computing complexes” is a miss in a collection of hits by Greg. At first the internet is a collection of humans, and not a collection of consumers. It´s the old unterstandig of a few broadcasting company which controls the access to the communication between people. This time is long gone. I think, that in commercial applications we will see such an consolidation postulated by Greg. But as soon you take the consumer into consideration, you will see that he isn´t limited to the computing complexes. Google, Salesforce and Amazon are company. The are in the consumer focus today, but this is not a perpetual state. Customers are a very epheremal good. The model of the complexes is the old economy of large enterprises. The internet will bring us a completly different model of economy. The economy of the future will be a fractal one. Today the single most successful application in Internet is fire sharing. It´s a service enabled by the existence of a vast amount system in the internet at various people. Okay, the actual form of this economy is based on illegal transactions, but this is only the cause, because nobody found a way to commercialize it.
It´s my strong believe that the future of internet bases economy lies in clearinghouses that enables the commercialisation of a peer-to-peer-economy. They don´t have products, they don´t have interest, what is selled. They sell only rights. Rights to use a pair of shoes, rights to hear music or rights to read a book or the right to use a service. The way of distribution is irrelevant. The future of internet will be a serverless one. Or to say it differently: It´s full of servers. Every system is a server. At second, there would at least one additional computing complex. The Big Computer of Europe. Regarding data protection regulations the US and Europe could not be farther seperated than moon and earth.