SunCEC2008 Day -1: The first day

I arrived well and healthy in Las Vegas. Was a smooth flight to Vegas, no “assumed” destruction of the tarmac by the pilot at the landings like at my trip to NYC. But i will write more about it in the next few days. I drove with three colleagues to the Death Valley today. You would think that this is a terrible dry and hot place. At least i expected something like that. Miles awaz from this. But my “personal misfortune” generator was in full action today. It was just 15 degrees celsius there and it even rained there. But the Death Valley and the surrounding geological formations are just breathtaking: The dunes … Zabriskie Point … Badwater … there is a sign “sea level” there. The point: It’s roundabout 80 metres above you.
Well … it was worth every mile (it were round about 400 at the end) we drove for this. Only one issue: The mobile reception could be better in Death Valley ;) . BTW: I shoot almost 600 photos today so expect some updates to my flickr account.