SunCEC2008 Day -1: Flight to Las Vegas

Disclaimer: I wrote the text yesterday while waiting for my flight to Las Vegas I´m sitting at the airport of Chicago. It was a pleasurable flight so far, even when it started a little bit in a hurry. My brother was so kind to drive me to the airport. He was even kinder, as he saw that the mobile was in the ashtray of my car. Okay, leaving the “Non-Schengen” area, leaving the security area. Getting my mobile. But at the end i was able to enter my plane without much hassle. Well, not entirely without hassle. I was joking with friends, that there must be a marker like “do not place any women near of Joerg” at the airlines. Almost 170 flights, and just 5 or so sitting left or right of a women. But after the flight from Hamburg to Zuerich: Leave this marker there … this must be the most bitchy women of the western hemisphere. Because of the measureable disturbance in the atmosphere i switched to “idle and ignore” just a few nanoseconds recognizing that this person would be my neighbour for the next hour (i was really reliefed when she asked a male flight attendant about a flight to new york in an unfriendly manner). She argued with the flight attendants about the garlic in the meal, about the fact, that one of them wasn´t able to directly within a second answer to her question, when the aircraft would arrive. It arrived early … so no reason to insult the flight attendant. The flight from Zuerich to Chicago was really good. Got an acceptable LCML (rice with turkey and spinach). The films in the Inflight Entertainment were excellent: The Dark Knight (had the chance to look the movie on english … much better) and my personal favourite …. “Eternal Sunshine of a spotless mind” … Kate Winslet and Carey were never better than in this movie … it´s one of this underestimated pearls. Okay, Hancock is isn´t a good example … you can look it and forget it. And i almost forgot it … had to think quite a while about the name of this movie … On the other side: The US Airways flight from O´Hare to Las Vegas was less enjoyable. Over three hours flight time and no coffee or water, except you pay for it … But the best was the inflight entertainment on this round SuperHD monitors called windows … there were some gaps in the clouds right above Greenland. The view was simply breathtaking. The rendering of the small islands covered with ice within the atlantic ocean was excellent ;)