CEC 2008

I´ve just got the invitation for the Customer Engineering Conference from the 9.November to the 14. November in Las Vegas. The overarching theme of the conference is “Learn it, live it, make IT real” (where is “love it” ;) ) . This year it´s focused on certain training tracks. I chose the “Emerging Technologies” track. Looks like an interesting week in Las Vegas.

I hope, that the travel itinerary i´ve suggested in my travel request wil accepted by the travel desk. By the way, dear Online Booking Tool: I don´t think it´s a wise choice to fly from Hamburg to London-Heathrow, using Heathrow Express to Paddington, using the Tube from Paddington to Victoria Station and from Victoria to Gatwick with the Gatwick express to board the aircraft in Gatwick just two and a half hours after landing in Heathrow. This would be an direct invitation for a horrible flight. PS: It would be nice to meet some of my readers in Las Vegas . So if the chance leads you to Vegas at this time, just drop me comment or a mail.