SunCEC2007: Indispensable gadget

There was one gadget in my luggage that was really handy troughout my stay at CEC2007: My Airport Express that got obsolete since a Mac Mini drives my stereo and my TV.
Now i use the Express as a portable wireless access point. This was useful out of two reasons. Public hotel networks are unencrypted by nature. Thus they are a possible security problem. This is especially true, when you don´t know who lifes in the adjactent rooms and see three to four networks called “Free public WLAN” as ad-hoc networks. Free… Sure! Before you want to phish passwords, go and learn to install an AP emulation on your prefered operating system.
Well, with the Express you can use the wired connection and create your own encrypted and invisible wireless LAN. The second advantage was a little-bit money saving):WLAN at the Hotel Paris was expensive. 11$ for 24h per Laptop. As my E61 has WLAN but isn´t a laptop, i needed a way to connect it to the internet. GRPS for fetching mail with the E61 from the US (with an german phone provider) every 10 minutes or so is incredibly expensive (You would find it as an extra point in Sun´s financial statement;) ). The Airport Express was useful for this again. Simply connect the E61 to the Express and you are done.