SunCEC2007: CEC and blogging

CEC had a really interesting effect on the access patterns of my blog: Before CEC the colour of the US in Google Analytics was a light, barely visible green. Now it jumped to a solid friendly green. I hope, that these are really people in the US, and not only Europeans in Vegas ;) The real surge came from RSS. The subscriber count jumped by 50 people to nearly 550. Last week was the first week with out a drop under 400 (out of a strange reason, once a week the subscriber count drops slightly under 400). Hundreds of live hits on each day on each article. That was really cool. Thankyou. The integrated twitter-feed was quite successful. I´ve got some interesting feedback about the life twitters. Even from outside the company. BTW: The word, that CEC is our premier technical conference got traction at our customer base. From the blogging perspective i´ve made some conclusions and lessons-learned:
1.Although the WLAN infrastructure was better than in Moscone last year, it was somewhat problematic to get internet access. 4000 Sunnies is the baddest thing that can happen to a network infrastructure. The rumours on the floor ranged from saturation of the WLAN-router address tables to complete saturation of internet connection of the hotel. But i have no confirmation for any for this rumours. As an engineer doesn´t come under two WLAN enabled gadgets all rumors are prefectly feasible… ;)

  1. I would take my boosted Linksys with the high-gain omni with me to the next conference. I hope TSA allows me to checkin this 1 meter antenna beast. WLAN access guaranteed. (Altough the toasted colleagues in the hallway are an bad side effect)
  2. Next time, i would use an offline editor.
  3. I need a new Mac … badly … the tooling on Windows is horrible. YMMV. This was the main reasons why i didn´t made a podcast from CEC. You really miss Garageband when you can´t use it ….
  4. Next time i will print “Visit” on my IloveSolaris-Tshirt. Many people know my blog, but nobody knows the person behind it ;)
  5. Was really fun to blog from CEC2007.