SunCEC2007 Day 5: Back in Germany

I´m not home right now. But i´m back to germany now, sitting in the FTL lounge in Frankfurt. Was a nice flight. The business class upgrade was worth every mile i spend for it. We had severe turbulences over Greenland. This waked me up in the middle of the flight and kept me awake for over an hour. But hey, other people pay for such a ride in an amusement park. I didn´t wrote my summary of CEC2007. This will be a job for the weekend. The Inflight Entertainment was more tempting ;) Livefreeordiehiehard (aka Die Hard 4.0) was fun, the House M.D. episode was an older one (it was the one, where a young man get unconscious after sex. Diagnosis at the end: gout), but i´m now sure that I need the episodes in their original language and an unsynchronized Harry Potter is nice, too. The problems with my travel schedule were solved in San Francisco. The woman at the check-in counter in Vegas was really incompetent. It was bullshit, that she wasn´t able to check me in to Berlin. But the Lufthansa Counter in SFO solved that problem, they even searched for my luggage to put a new luggage badge on it, routing it to my final destination. But th that wasn´t the best round my journey back home. I checked in one piece of luggage in Vegas, but they found two in the carts for the 747. I assume, that the unlucky guy at the check-in counter left of me will wait vastly longer for his luggage. As i stated before: The women at the Vegas check made the impression of being vastly overstrained. PS: I´m really glad i was at CEC, but now i want to be at home.