SunCEC2007 Day 3: Convergence

Five or six people already asked me, why i use my smartphone (an Nokia E61, when you look around at CEC it seems, that half the production of this phone has gone to Sun) in the sessions and type messages troughout the . It´s not that i´m ruining Sun by sending short messages to a love interest (okay, at least not at the keynotes, and i prefer IM for that … national GSM short messages are expensive, the price for international ones is outright obscene ). It´s much simpler … i feed my blog with this phone. Well, not directly and not for the long articles, but when you look at the front page you see a block of five short messages on the top. This block is feeded by my twitter-account, This feed gets it´s input from the simplified mobile twitter interface. And now the E61 comes into play: It has WLAN, it has a webbrowser .. all you need to feed twitter (and thus all you need to blog a short message) while sitting in a keynote or walking around at the conference. This is Web 2.0 as i want it .. a simple way to connect services to produce content with several (very different) input devices.