SunCEC2007 Day 1: 1st breakout - Project Darkstar

I visited the Project Darkstar breakout. It´s really interesting how weak the fundaments of massive online games are. Errorprone, scales badly (you need concepts of so called zones and multiple non-interacting servers) to scale up to the large amount of users. Project Darkstar wants to solve that. Some interesting concepts like an centralized store of data and actions to enable a real failover an real scalability. It was quite interesting to hear, that the MMO gamin industry has no problem with loosing 5 or 10 seconds data, because today a really nasty fault would cause the loose of weeks or month worth of data. A financial CTO would go insane about 5 seconds data. People, who ask why we develop such a software: Jeff told us about closed and pending wins for this software. Was a really informative presentation. This isn´t exactly a technology i will use at customers sites, but it was an really interesting look into the challenges of a completly different business.