SunCEC2007 Day 0: Some thoughts about Las Vegas

Nothing is real in this city. It´s a copy. Albeit it´s an archievement to copy on such a scale, it misses something … i wasn´t able to find something like a soul … It´s really strange to look on the miniature Eiffel Tower. I was at and on the real tower some weeks ago, so i have a comparision: The real one breathes history, the Las Vegas one is just backdrop. I don´t like this city, it looks like a bunch of shopping malls, hotels and casinos with some urban areas for the people working in the first. On my tenth Starbucks mug there is the tagline “Capital of entertainment”. I would change it into “capital of copy” PS: Well i´ve shoot dozens of photos today while walking on both sides of the strip … expect really a vast amount.